Tuesday, November 10, 2009

WALKING! - updated.

Emily has been standing on her own for a few weeks now. And she gets SO excited when she does (as the pictures clearly illustrate.) This made me believe the big day was imminent.
Going into Halloween weekend, many asked what our plans were. I told anyone who would listen, "Ems is going to walk this weekend. I can feel it. She is so close."
Ok. So I was a little ahead of myself. But not by much.
Coming home from school today, Kate called to tell me Emily walked three steps with her supershoe on. Excitement was in the air. I may have leaned on the gas a little more than usual on my way home...hey, I had to come home and see it for myself. Of course, I had to wait until she was done with a short nap. And a snack. But then...success! Just moments ago, she just took a couple tentative steps toward me. And what do I do? Run to the computer. I may need to prioritize a bit.
Nevertheless, the mood is high here at Camp Sweatpants. Thanks, Emily. You've done it again.

UPDATE - I have been thinking about this all afternoon and I can't believe she did this with her supershoe on. Those of you who have seen this thing up close know it's big, cumbersome and difficult to handle. I was convinced she would walk soon, but thought it would be either barefoot or with regular sneakers on (the flat soles help with balance.) Nope. Not her. She takes those first gentle steps with that monstrous, Herman Munster shoe. I am continually amazed by this kid.

Monday, November 2, 2009