Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I've got a couple minutes!

And another season goes in the books. The Daniel Hand Tigers took another step forward this year, going 14-9 and even hosting a couple post-season tournament games. Good times! While Ems will no doubt miss being able to show off for the girls, I think she's happy to have her daddy home more often. At least, until I make her eat all her dinner. Then, not so much.
While I'd like to still be alive in the playoffs, I'm happy to have a moment to breathe and enjoy all the March Madness with my girls. I do miss them during the winter.
But now we trade one adventure for another as we wrap up all the basketball-related responsibilites and prepare for Emily's first lengthening this May. It will be here before any of us know it. Guh.
So, until I'm struck with some Florida-induced anxiety (cue emotional breakdown in 3...2...1...) here are some pictures of cute kids and one tired, old man to tide you over.

Ems LOVED gymnastics. I don't think anyone has more fun than her.
Naps all around. Uh, she's breathing, right?
Emily loves Paige! Especially when she's not crying.
Baby Paige!