Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My new favorite team.

My posts today haven't been all that creative, but they have been plentiful and that should count for something considering I'm working at a diminished capacity. Instead of reinventing the wheel, I'm just going to post the letter I sent to the Fairfield University president and athletic director this morning.

As a middle school teacher and high school basketball coach, I’ve become familiar over the years with how quickly any perceived slight can quickly find its way to the desk of an administrator. Occasionally, good news is passed on, making everyone feel good about themselves and the job they’re doing. Having said that, I thought it necessary to write you in regards to your womens’ soccer program and coach Jim O’Brien.
Coach O’Brien and I became friends when he and I shared time in the Southern Connecticut athletic department. As time has passed, I have been fortunate to maintain this friendship.
My three-year old daughter Emily was born with a rare congenital disorder where her right femur did not fully develop in utero. Over the next 10 years, our family will need to take multiple trips to West Palm Beach, Florida where a doctor who specializes in Emily’s condition has built a limb-lengthening institute. While my wife and I are fortunate to have careers that allow us a certain amount of flexibility, the financial concerns do weigh on us.
When Coach O’Brien heard about Emily, he wanted to know how he could help. Last spring, he helped organize a fundraiser during a scrimmage at Southern where people could make donations. Most recently, he, with the help of Chris O’Connor in sports information, set up a similar fundraiser at the home game against Stony Brook. While the donations were more than generous, the bucket could have been empty and we still could not have been more excited about what took place.
An hour before kick-off, we were greeted at the gate by O’Brien and a handful of his players. Emily was led on to the field where she got to interact with the players during warm-ups. She was named an honorary captain for the game, high-fived each starting player and even got to stand on the sideline, complete with Fairfield soccer apparel, during the match. Even with a spirited three-year old in the mix during a close match, the players displayed genuine enthusiasm and patience with her every inquiry.
While Fairfield came up short that day, I can only hope the players and coaching staff take comfort in knowing how happy they made our daughter.
Your womens’ soccer program is made up of the kind of student-athletes that should make a university very proud, and it is in good hands under the direction of Jim O’Brien.
Go Stags.
Tim Tredwell

This is how far behind I was.

The wife and I just had the following the conversation...
Tim - "Did we ever post anything about Disney or any of the summer trips?"
Kate - "Uh, no."
As I looked at the picture file with over 500 shots in it, I won't say what I actually said because this is a family show, but let's just say it was a long slow exhale that rhymed with "duuuuuuuuck."
Anyway, with trips to Disney World, Sea World, West Palm Beach and the beaches of Rhode Island, there are plenty of great shots. However, with me pausing every sentence or so to try and clear the fluid in my lungs on top of already being a little loopy thanks to the various meds I'm on, I just don't have the patience to thoroughly examine each picture. So if the quality of this post isn't quite up to snuff, feel free to peruse other free blogs with cute kids. You get what you pay for around here!
Entering the Magic Kingdom. In step.
A little quality time with Tigger and Pooh.
Mommy schooling Emily about stingrays.
PFFDers will appreciate the range of motion. Crossfitters see the phenomenal depth in her squat!
Children running through an open field. It's in the dictionary under "Happiness." Look it up.
The Cousins: Allison, Caroline, Sammy, Jane and Emily.

She loves the animals.

These pictures are from a recent trip to Brooksvale park where you're free to walk around and take in the various horses, goats, rabbits and other assorted wildlife. She seems ok with it.
Look at the hands. Such a little girl.

Love this look.

Gram - "She's just such a happy kid!"
Daddy - "Yeah, not all the time."


Diagnosed with pneumonia yesterday. Pneumonia. Apparently when you have a barking, rattling cough for the better part of three weeks, you just might want to consider checking in with your doctor. At least before the fever spikes. Not that this excuses my six week blog hiatus, but just thought I would put that out there. Plus, it gives me a chance to use this picture.
Anyway, plan on making up for it all right now. Stay tuned.