Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Don't know what the total accumulation is on this monster snowstorm, but I can tell you it's getting us a second day off from school tomorrow. Plenty of much-needed quality time with my ladies!
I think I might pass out from all the cuteness.
The driveway provides the perfect bunny slope.
Not sure who had more fun here.
Taking a break from all the fun.
Not even close to done.

Is it really 2011???

Yes, I'm somewhat embarrassed to say I haven't posted since last year. It's not like I've had a shortage of material to broadcast, either. What can I say? Basketball season is a grind, man. 13-hour days every weekday which feature the regular teaching day, practice prep, film breakdown, meetings and actual practice before eventually getting home to hang out with my two favorite ladies for about 90 minutes before crashing hard. Wash, rinse, repeat. But that's not what you're here for, is it? Listening to a grown man piss and moan about how hard his work day is? Seriously, is it? What is wrong with you? We'll get to that later.
Let's dip back to early December when Kate, Emily and Gram took Superhip week by storm, going from Connecticut to West Palm and back in just about 36 hours. They met up with the Petraske, Scott, Rodriguez and Tudor clans who have collectively dubbed themselves "The Lengthening Class of 2012." Children played. Stories were shared. Superhip shirts were worn. Hard to believe they avoided the paparazzi.
While it was a treat to finally get some face time with our people, that wasn't exactly the point of the visit. Dr. Paley needed to follow up on his craftsmanship from August and, ya know, he generally gets what he wants. With roughly a dozen doctors and therapists from around the world following his every move, he presented Emily's entire case and described her progress in a very positive manner. He was pleased enough that he told Kate he didn't need to see us until next summer and that would be the last time before her lengthening in May of 2012. While that seemed nice, Kate admits she didn't think much of it until a clearly surprised Caroline Eaton exclaimed that she's never seen Dr. Paley do that. He usually wants to see his kids every six months, minimum. Still not sure what he saw that makes him feel so confident. Not even sure I care. All I know is when people ask how Emily is, I always respond the same way. "Bulletproof."
Since then, time has moved with Flash-like speed. Ems continues to grow and develop at an alarming rate. She just looks so....old. She's very much a little girl. Yes, the seemingly ever-present binky makes her appear more toddler-like (we've now limited it to's like kicking heroin) but every once in a while Kate will get Emily dressed up with her hair in a ponytail and I'll just think...when did we get an 8-year old? I'm not a fan of this phenomenon.
Nevertheless, while she ages far too rapidly, it is wonderful to watch. She is an amazing child. She is beautiful and happy and curious and funny and demanding and easily the greatest thing I've ever been a part of. I'm just doing my best not to screw it up.
If I had a resolution in 2011, it would be to spend more time with Kate and Emily. With that, we're going out to play in the snow. Gotta take advantage of a day off in the middle of the week.
Mom and dad, otherwise engaged. Emily, constantly aware of the camera.
I love the smirk. You'd think someone just gave her socks.
Emily giving us "pensive."
Taking after her dad's casual approach.
Seriously, when did she get so old??