Sunday, December 27, 2009

Finally back at it.

I fall a little more in love each day.
(How was that for starting with a bang? Did I grab your attention? Did you forget I've been absent for a month? Good...good.)
So, I've been out of commission since my last post with school and basketball season occupying the majority of my time. On weekdays, I'm out the door just before 6:30 AM and am rarely back before 8 PM. Kate likes to joke that she's a single mom. Which makes me the deadbeat dad. Uh-huh.
Alas, it's the nature of the beast. Basketball season is a grind and for a few months, everyone gets a little shortchanged. We just try our best to make the most of the time we have.
But I wasn't kidding about that first line. This kid is my favorite. Every time I see her, there's something new...a new skill, a new word, a new expression, that leaves us all in stitches.
There's her love of music. She starts dancing the second she hears the first few notes of any song. And she's almost on beat. I've seen adults with far worse rhythm. FAR worse.
There's her constant imitations. Whatever you do, she's picking up on it. Wash your hands in front of her and watch her rub her own hands together. If your team scores, she pumps her fist and says, "YES!" because that's what YOU did. This is, of course, the time to admit how we've had to start checking our language a bit. A bad day at work or a bad practice and it can get a little truckstop-ish around here. Not good times. Bad times.
And, most importantly, there's the walking. That video that some of you have seen more times than you planned because you kept checking back for the update that just wouldn't know that one? (scroll down if you're not following) Yeah, that thing's ancient history. You've gotta SEE this kid motor around the house. It's like she was born with that big shoe on. She'll take a little tumble, (sometimes) dust herself off and get right back up. She's got places to go! Out of the way!!
Oh, and it's beautiful to watch. She's strong and confident and ever so excited. She gets a huge smile on her face as she comes at you. I don't think she could be more proud of herself. She certainly has every right to be.
And with this being the holiday season, that means more people to show off for. Aunts, uncles and cousins all got a great show. If the lights are on, the star must perform.
While I feel like I had many more stories to tell, for whatever reason I'm coming up empty right now. I'll no doubt remember them the instant I click on "PUBLISH POST" at which point I'll log back in and regale you with continued tales of mirth and joy. Unless I get struck by another senior moment. Then you'll just have to look at the pictures and shake your head at how amazingly well Emily is doing despite her half-wit father.
Ooh-ing at her many Christmas presents. SO cute.
Emily working the jedi mind trick on cousin Allison.
Give. Me. The. Bottle.
Emily absolutely ADORES her cousin Caroline.
All dressed up for tea!