Monday, June 29, 2009

Her first lift.

A recent visit to the prosthetist resulted in Emily's first lift. As you can see above, a molded, hard plastic AFO (Ankle Foot Orthotic) combined with a three cm lift on the right shoe of her stylish pink New Balance has her a little closer to even than she was before. The AFO produces the stability she needs, and the lift cuts into that seven cm discrepancy between the two legs. 
In the few days we've had this, she's tried it out a few times, struggling to get used to the rigid ankle joint and added weight. Of course, she's still not even 11-months old, so she's still figuring out how all her own parts work. Tack on the fact that it's summer, and the thought of putting her in knee socks, a brace and sneakers seems somewhat, I don't know...un-American? Does that work? Sure, why not. 
Anyway, with this new lift, we've got our first bit of doctor-to-doctor controversy. We were in touch with Dr. Paley recently, updating him as to Emily's progress. Paley came back with an e-mail suggesting we should really come in for an MRI (to get an accurate measurement of the discrepancy) and a consultation so HE can put together a proper lift for her. Now, if you'll recall, Paley is located in West Palm Beach, so shooting down for an appointment is going to take more than an afternoon. But he's the best in the world with this stuff. This is our daughter. What would YOU do? Exactly. We're flying down in August. 
Paley's belief is that Ems should have a lift on her shoe that is whatever-the-discrepancy-is, minus one cm. With the current estimation, that would double the size of the lift she currently has. This, of course, flies in the face of what Dr. DeLuca has us doing. DeLuca's contention is that a bigger lift would add bulk and weight, making it difficult for Ems to get around. Valid point. Let's get it on! 
Not much we can do in the meantime. We'll continue to give her opportunities to try out this new lift. And she'll get used to it. And she'll continue to get stronger. And more confident. And more amazing. It's kinda her thing.

Staff breakfast.

In an effort to keep morale high here at The Gray Area, we like to venture out as a group periodically. We do team-building activities, attend various social gatherings and basically try to get to know one another in venues outside the work environment. These photos, complete with a brief bio of each contributor, are from Saturday's staff breakfast on the deck at Lyman Orchards.
Tim Tredwell - Founder, Chief Writer - The man behind the original idea for The Gray Area was inspired to create the site when multiple inquiries regarding his growing family combined with his lack of interest in making phone calls. 
Kate Tredwell - Director of Photography -A nurse in her spare time, Kate is rarely pictured as she spends roughly five days a week behind the lens of her Nikon, which is a shame because she is continually voted "Best Looking" by the interns. 
Emily Tredwell - Producer - Every picture, every storyline, every aspect of this site, is produced by this kid. She's got a gift. 

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ten months, two days and five more pictures.

I really think her "determined" look is my favorite. Tell me this kid won't be able to get through surgeries and rehab. She's going to be tougher than all of us.