Friday, November 14, 2008

"Dear Lord Baby Jesus..."

We got a call this week from the woman who is now the director of Trinity Church's annual Christmas pageant. Thinking I was a little too old to reprise one of the many roles I played as a child (seriously, I covered almost everything...Joseph, Herrod, shepherd, townsperson, narrator, all three wisemen...I had chops!) I instinctively knew that something different was up. Would young Emily be interested and/or available to play Baby Jesus in this year's pageant? Well, we spent a few days trying to get a hold of her agent, her manager and three of her "handlers" with no luck. So we just said, darn it all to heck, she can do it!
Sunday, December 21st Emily makes her stage debut as Jesus. As far as acting jobs go, I gotta believe it's all downhill after this.


AS said...

There will NEVER be a better post than this one. I DARE any of the cousins to beat this! I reckon we will be traveling from Providence to witness her debut! This is the best. SNAP, girl, you da bomb!!! AS

Kathleen said...

Wish we were going to be around to see this! Please get it on video so Caroline can see her baby cousin's debut! Have I mentioned she is looking more and more like you???

Smitty7933 said...

Does this mean you'll be playing adult Jesus?