Wednesday, April 8, 2009

DeLuca's on board.

Walking into our appointment on Monday, I wasn't sure exactly what to expect.
I thought about a long wait in the lobby. I thought about a minor confrontation when we didn't see eye-to-eye with the doctor's opinion. I thought about where we would go to get something to eat afterwards.
But I really wasn't terribly concerned about any of it. We have the Ace of Paley tucked up our sleeve. We're feeling good.
But DeLuca surprised us. We discussed Emily's x-rays and what the possibilities were. He talked about how difficult lengthening would be. We told him about our meeting with Paley and the confidence he had expressed. He agreed. It's all possible. We can do this. And he can help.
DeLuca is very different from Paley. He's more conservative. He didn't bathe us in sunshine or make any bold promises. He made sure we were aware of exactly what lay ahead, for good or ill. We knew.
In the end, we just wanted to know if he can be there for us. He's close by. He's experienced. He's connected. And he's on board.
In about three months, we'll be seeing him again. This time, to help Ems get fitted for a shoe lift or prosthetic or whatever it is that's going to help her motor around.
The team is coming together.


PaleyPatient I said...

I have two questions to you Tim. First about your job. Could you write what you teach? Second: Could you write what type PFFD of Paley's Classification Emily has?

Tim Tredwell said...

Paley Patient: I am a middle school PE and health teacher.
Emily's classification is a 1B.

AS said...

wanted to thank you and Kate for sharing the video of the Paley patient on Easter night. We are all still talking about it. Ems is a beautiful child with the personality which I believe will stand her in good stead for what is to come. We are all onboard for whatever we can do to support the efforts yet to come. AS

Anonymous said...

So much for the North East. Paley is going to West Palm Beach, FL. We just got an update from someone who had an appointment this week. Unless the funding goes through on this one, this is where is is going to be. You want to carpool. You never contacted me:

PaleyPatient I said...

So in my opinion we should wait for formal information to see approximately difference in cost for such his decision. By the way the idea to get recovery in " paradise oasis" is really interesting. I am curious to know what Daniel's parents think about it. As far as I know Daniel is from UK.
Charles do you know when children after Super Hip surgery could be transported - how long Emily should stay in place where surgery was done? Is it rehabilitation should be done in place where surgery had been done? During lengthening process as far as I know usually 3-4 months stay is required.

Anonymous said...

Paley told Tim & I about a week in the hospital and then we could take emily home while the cast is on for 6 weeks. At the end of the 6 weeks our local Ortho Dr. could take the cast off and then Im not sure about rehab. But i know its not that extensive and doesnt need to be done where paley is. The lengthenings for emily will be 4 months of extensive rehab and then she will go home with the external fixator on for an additional 4 months.

SA said...

good choice in going with Paley! I have fibular hemimelia and had several complications in my last lengthening; Paley defied the odds and took chances that no other surgeon would take, but somehow made it work :)

now, i have severe pain in my foot, and when every surgeon is telling me to amputate, Paley is giving me another option. i too am waiting for him to move and hopefully can get this fixed in the summer

all the best to you and your daughter!