Monday, May 11, 2009

All kinds of stuff.

How else can I title this post when so much has occurred in recent weeks? 
First off, and perhaps most importantly, Dr. Paley went and made it official. Scroll down to my last entry to find the link to our future destination in West Palm Beach, Florida. The good doctor e-mailed his new contact information at St. Mary's Medical Center a week ago Sunday, a move that touched off a little excitement as well as some pre-game jitters. For the longest time, I could put off the reality of this situation by playing the "well, let's just wait to see where he sets up before we start making plans," card. It's a convenient way to delay accepting the inevitable. Now, with nothing but a calendar between Ems and her first surgery, everything takes on a different feel. I'm sure I'll be discussing that ad nauseum in the coming weeks and months. Next, on a very special "The Gray Area"... 
In the meantime, our girl continues to grow exponentially. She turned nine months old this past Saturday and will have a check-up this Wednesday. They'll tell us what we already know...she's huge. And smart. And good-looking. Hey, we're paying them. You tell me what I want to hear!
But before she hit the nine-month mark, she hit a few milestones. Besides popping out a couple teeth (pictured below) she has started crawling. It's more leaving her in the middle of the carpet with a pile of toys and knowing she'll be there when I look up. She's on the move and looking to climb. Oh, did I mention she's pulling herself up to a stand, too? Yup. She's doing that as well. Bolt it all down. Her reign of terror has commenced. 
With all this new ground to cover, we will clearly have to move our appointment with Dr. DeLuca up a bit. It originally seemed safe to meet with him at around 11 months to get her fitted for her first shoe lift. But this kid is obviously a game-changer. 
We should probably get used to it. 


Sarah Kristiansen said...

oh that last photo is DIVINE. She is really looking like YOUR little clone, cousin.

Keep me posted on the calendar details, I'll need to know when to buy my plane ticket.

AS said...

She just gets more beautiful. But now it begins! The chasing around the million "no, not that, Ems," and my very favorite, eating from the dog food dish! Could you ask the shoe lift folks if they have something in the way of a summer Mary Jane sandal? It needs to go with her many outfits. AS

Kathleen said...

How is it possible that she gets cuter and cuter with each post?? Have a feeling nothing is going to stop this kid from doing anything! Already giving you a run! LOVE it LOVE it LOVE it. Hugs to our sweet niece.