Monday, June 29, 2009

Staff breakfast.

In an effort to keep morale high here at The Gray Area, we like to venture out as a group periodically. We do team-building activities, attend various social gatherings and basically try to get to know one another in venues outside the work environment. These photos, complete with a brief bio of each contributor, are from Saturday's staff breakfast on the deck at Lyman Orchards.
Tim Tredwell - Founder, Chief Writer - The man behind the original idea for The Gray Area was inspired to create the site when multiple inquiries regarding his growing family combined with his lack of interest in making phone calls. 
Kate Tredwell - Director of Photography -A nurse in her spare time, Kate is rarely pictured as she spends roughly five days a week behind the lens of her Nikon, which is a shame because she is continually voted "Best Looking" by the interns. 
Emily Tredwell - Producer - Every picture, every storyline, every aspect of this site, is produced by this kid. She's got a gift. 

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AS said...

Gee, I wonder if the guy in the hat got to choose the meal setting. You've made it so clear that you don't care for that particular repast of the, wait! Your staff is gorgeous!