Sunday, August 9, 2009

One year ago today.

You turned one year old today, Ems. We waited nine months to meet you and your arrival instantly altered the course of our lives. Your mom and I have spent the last year falling more and more in love with your infectious giggle, your Coney-Island-hot-dog-eating-contest-like appetite, your animal noises which all seem to sound like the same jungle cat, the fact that it appears like you're imitating me, but there's a good chance you're actually poking fun at me. It's just the way your dad would do it.
What you don't yet know is how much I admire you, Emily. You have no idea what's ahead. Right now, you couldn't care less that in just over a year, you'll go through a horribly complex surgery that will put you in a lower body cast for six weeks. You couldn't possibly fathom what it's going to feel like when you have to go through three separate, painful procedures to help that right leg catch up to your left. You just keep smiling. And you keep making other people smile. You make it impossible not to. 
In one year, you have taught me more about inner strength, resiliency and courage than I could have ever imagined. But you're just getting started, aren't you? 
Thank you, Emily. Thank you for everything you have given us. Thank you for being you. 
Happy Birthday, Ems. Daddy loves you. 


Sarah Kristiansen said...

you'll never know what a privelidge it was to be there when she was born. And a year later, I am still in awe of the sassy little thing that she has become! I love you guys, happiest birthday to my sweet girl.

Valerie said...

okay were you trying to make me cry at work? because good job, Tim, you did it...

now when do I get to catch up with you and meet this wonderful little person?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post!
The three of you with the support of all the rest of us will be a great team. And Ems will carry us though it.
I love you so much.


PS Happy birthday, to you, too, Dad

AS said...

The kid knows how to party in style. What a wonderful disposition she has. Thanks for letting us share in her first year's natal celebration.

Phil Unghire said...

Happy Birthday Miss Emily I will be by very soon with your present. When you finally get a chance to read and see the pictures on this blog you realize how special your family really is and how much you are loved. You are one lucky little lady!