Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mommy!

We don't like to talk about it a lot around here, but our Director of Photography had a birthday yesterday (I won't mention her age, but it rhymes with "flirty".) While the staff tried to keep the day as low key as possible, it did involve a shiny new lens for her camera. What does it do? Hell if I know. It's some superzoom, autofocus, kinda fisheye, type...or something. The point is, she was pleased and that means a whole bunch of new pictures. And two days in a row with new posts. Sweet!


Anonymous said...

Hello Tim,

First I'd like to say, your daughter is absolutely beautiful and your blog has brought much hope and joy to our family! Just when you think your situation is extremely rare, you find someone (almost) in your backyard with a similar situation. My name is Mary Estrin and my husband Daniel and I have a 21 month old daughter, Mariel, who was born with a 2.5 inch leg length discrepancy. Similar to Emily, Mariel's right leg is the shorter of the two. The difference mostly is in Mariel's right femur, but she also has some shortness of her right tibia. Mariel has just begun to take first independent steps in her "monster shoe" -- what a long way we have come after being told early on that she may never walk, or even stand on her own. Needless to say, we have been to many doctors. We live in Norwalk, CT and were so pleasantly surprised to come upon your blog while researching Dr. Paley. We have since been to see "The Man" and had a similar experience to the one you described after meeting him. Hope. Inspiration. Finally. We Can Do This!!! He said he felt with 100% certainty that he could get Mariel standing on two equal legs. What doc ever gives you the "100% certainty" thing? That alone made us light up like Las Vegas (after wiping a few tears of joy of course)! This will first most likely involve a "super hip" surgery this summer. We will know about her hip for sure after an MRI on March 12. Mariel will most likely have her first lengthening between ages 3-4. I have wanted to reach out to you and your wife since discovering your story back in January. I would love to talk/email with you guys if you are open to it. I think we'd have a lot to share! Plus, it would probably be really great for our little ladies to meet each other. They are just a few months apart and I think they just might become great friends :) Either way, we're out here and always looking forward to your updates!

Kindest regards,
Mary, Dan & Mariel

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