Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This is how far behind I was.

The wife and I just had the following the conversation...
Tim - "Did we ever post anything about Disney or any of the summer trips?"
Kate - "Uh, no."
As I looked at the picture file with over 500 shots in it, I won't say what I actually said because this is a family show, but let's just say it was a long slow exhale that rhymed with "duuuuuuuuck."
Anyway, with trips to Disney World, Sea World, West Palm Beach and the beaches of Rhode Island, there are plenty of great shots. However, with me pausing every sentence or so to try and clear the fluid in my lungs on top of already being a little loopy thanks to the various meds I'm on, I just don't have the patience to thoroughly examine each picture. So if the quality of this post isn't quite up to snuff, feel free to peruse other free blogs with cute kids. You get what you pay for around here!
Entering the Magic Kingdom. In step.
A little quality time with Tigger and Pooh.
Mommy schooling Emily about stingrays.
PFFDers will appreciate the range of motion. Crossfitters see the phenomenal depth in her squat!
Children running through an open field. It's in the dictionary under "Happiness." Look it up.
The Cousins: Allison, Caroline, Sammy, Jane and Emily.

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