Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Emily, the Cubbies and God.

Yes, they're all related. How, you ask? Well, settle in, Bubba and I'll tell you. 

As I was saying my goodbyes to the family this morning, Emily briefly woke up and looked up at me with a twinkle in her eye.
"Daddy, do the playoffs start today?" (Yes, she's seven and a half weeks old. She's our little prodigy. It's really something.) 
"Yes, Ems, they do," I replied. 
"I'm going to wear my new Cubs tee shirt 
today. And when you get home from work, we'll watch the game together." 
"That sounds wonderful. I can't wait."

It was quite a moment. Nice way to start the day. 

Moving ahead to this afternoon. The good Rev. Andy Fiddler stopped by to discuss the plans for Emily's upcoming baptism. While he was here, UPS rang the doorbell to drop off a package. I excitedly tore open the wrapping paper to discover the authentic Mark Grace Cubs jersey I had ordered last week. I had not expected it to arrive until maybe October 3rd at the earliest. "It's a beauty!" Exclaimed Rev. Fiddler.  I asked him to bless it. He chuckled. I wasn't kidding. 

My point is prized jersey shows up prior to the Cubs' first playoff game while discussing the baptism of our daughter with a man of the cloth. 

I think it's a good sign. 

Go Cubs.   

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Cubs Win! Cubs Win!