Sunday, December 28, 2008

An idea of what it's like.

Sometimes people ask me how Emily is doing. Actually, people always ask me that. It tends to be just a quick, folksy "how's the baby" to which you automatically respond "Great!" Other times, usually during quieter, more appropriate moments, people really want to get in to what's going on and what doctors are saying and what our next move is. What follows is a pretty standard response, quoting the last thing the orthopedist told us which is to say it's still up in the air, we'll take a look in April and start to form a more concrete plan then. 
What I will never really be able to fully express is exactly what's going on in my head. Anybody who's known me at all is well aware that inside my head is a frightening place. It's random, fast-paced and not necessarily pleasant. And that was before I had a daughter whose childhood and the entire future of her physical abilities rested on our shoulders.  
So, if you're really interested in what's on my mind, I'm thinking about this kid. I'm thinking about medical technology and what else maybe on the horizon. I'm thinking about this man and the thousands of people he has helped through his work on PFFD.  I'm thinking about the parents of this little boy as they are just slightly ahead of us on this journey. 
Since you asked, I thought you would like to know.