Friday, December 26, 2008

'Tis the season.

Once again, I've fallen behind in my blogging. What can I say? It's basketball season. It's Christmas season. It's have a nice warm glass of shut your trap season. This is my site and I'll get to it when I can!! I'm sorry. It's also a stressful season. Let's just keep it moving. 
What's new in the world of Emily and all that surrounds her? In case you hadn't heard, she was Baby Jesus. Ahh, that's right, campers. This past Sunday, Ems made her debut as the young babe, wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. And she was magnificent. Kate (billed as "Mary's Helper") brought Emily out and placed her in the cradle as the pre-pubescent Mary and Joseph looked on in a " that a real baby?" kinda way. I even taped the entire appearance from the church balcony and promise to put together a nice teaser just as soon as I can get appropriate wiring/enough time/smarter. 
Yesterday was the start of multiple Christmas celebrations as we trekked up to Massachusetts to share the festivities with friends and family. Yet another reason Emily rules...I can dress and act however I want because nobody's paying attention anyway. The second Ems enters the room, the spotlight shines only on her. I love it. And so does my inappropriate sense of humor and affinity for alcohol. 
But it doesn't stop there! Tomorrow will be Christmas with the Conquests, Monday includes a trip to Providence for holiday time with the Kristiansen's and Tuesday is an all Tredwell affair in Hamden as brother Pete and his family make a trip back to the east coast. 
In the meantime, this will be cut short as Emily squirms on my lap. She either wants to play with the computer or eat. Or both. Use your words, kid!
Plenty of good photos are sure to come. 

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