Sunday, July 12, 2009

Only slightly Emily-related.

I realize this blog was designed to keep you up to date on all things Emily. And, clearly, that top picture is NOT Emily. That's because mommy and daddy felt it was crucial for our little girl to get some quality time with her grandparents. 
As parents, we are responsible for so very much. We teach, we comfort, we counsel, we discipline..the list is endless. But the simple fact is, every once in a while, kids need spoiling. It's in the rules. Look it up. That job falls squarely on the shoulders of the grandparents. It's not just their right, it's their responsibility. So, being the model parents that we are, we sent Emily off to Grammy and Grampy's house for a few days. 
With some time off, what were we to do? My first reaction is always, in an almost Tourrette's-like fashion, "Chicago!" So off we went. 
(By the way, did everyone catch that? I totally made it sound like Emily needed time away from us. No, I didn't plan this trip months ago. It's what Emily needs. It's really in HER best interests. Got it? Back to the story.)
Being a life-long Cubs fan, I grabbed (read: overpaid for) a couple of prime seats four rows from the field just past first base. They were on the visitor side, which forced us to be surrounded by Braves fans, but, I mean, who cares? WE'RE FOUR ROWS FROM THE FIELD. We got to our seats well in advance of the first pitch where I sat in utter disbelief at our location, mumbling to myself "this is unreal...this is so cool...unbelievable..." while Kate just smiled and shook her head. 
Several hours, hot dogs, Old Styles and cotton candies later, it was time to head back to the hotel. We spent the next day wandering around downtown Chicago, dodging raindrops, eating too much and drinking even more. Before we knew it, we were on a plane home. 
Everybody seemed to enjoy their time. Emily loved spending time with her grandparents. Grampy got to show her off at his favorite lunch spot and introduced her to donut holes. He's no rookie!
As much fun as it was, it's good to be back home with our girl. 
Enjoy the pictures. I promise a post in the very near future that will be chock-full of all the Emily-ness you've come to expect from The Gray Area.
Count ', two, three rows between us and the field. Awesome.
This is really the only reason Kate agrees to come here.
How do YOU think the game is going? 
Despite the loss, we managed to get a nice picture at the end of the night.

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AS said...

I just think this spontaneous trip was a wonderful idea...all the way around! My fave is Kate and her cotton candy! Thanks for sharing this...sorry about your cubbies.