Thursday, July 23, 2009

Picture update, Texas style.

That live blogging thing lasted for one post. Sorry. I just wasn't into it. Whatever. Here's one last round of pictures before we get to some actual information. I'll bang that out right after this gets posted. I promise. Really. Why do you doubt me? You know what? Don't answer that. Hey, look! Pictures!
Our hosts, Emily's Uncle Pete and Aunt Kathy. This could NOT have been a nicer visit. Thanks, guys!
A look at the Ballpark at Arlington during Monday's Sox-Rangers game. Pete has been in Texas since September, but now claims to be a "die-hard" Rangers fan. Oh yes...catch the fever!
Signs like this are on just about every place of business in Texas. 
I don't even have a joke here.
I think this is the only way you can finish a picture post about Texas. 

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AS said...

Well, Pete's out of the will but other than that, a perfect post with well chosen few pix of your visit to Dallas. I lauged at the sign, was startled by the cow thing and am absolutely depressed about Pete going to the dark side...the Rangers, really???