Saturday, October 24, 2009

Camp Conquest.

Columbus Day weekend means more than just an extra day off around here. It is also the annual Conquest family camping trip to Vermont. This excursion is different from anything the Tredwells grew up with as it involves pop-up campers, wilderness, peace, quiet (Tredwells are loud folks) and so forth. Of course, Daddy is also about seven inches taller than your average pop-up camper ceiling, so this year's trip meant Team Tredwell bunked off site in a nice hotel, making everybody just a little happier. And by everyone, I mean me.
Nevertheless, the air was crisp, country stores were visited, pumpkins were picked, pictures were taken and swell times were had by all. I do love this time of year.
Grammy AND her own pumpkin. Good times.
The windswept look is SO in this year.
There's a joke here somewhere...I just can't think of it.
Look at the EYES on this kid!

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