Friday, October 9, 2009

Life goes on.

Greetings, loyal readers. To those of you who stuck around during my inexcusable 30-something day hiatus, I'm glad you're still here. To those who stopped checking in...well, they're not reading anymore. The hell with 'em!
I will admit, I took a little too long to get back at this. I suppose I rested on the laurels of the unprecedented triple-post day a tad too long. But I'm back, recharged and ready to go. Shall we?
To start with, our girl turned 14-months old today. And while that is hardly a noteworthy birthday, it's always fun to think back to where we were a year ago. Ahh, to be young and uninformed again. On second thought, let's just skip that.
Nevertheless, Ems continues to assert her independence. She's now perfectly comfortable expressing her displeasure when she doesn't get her way. She recognizes when we don't want her to do something...and does it anyway. And she's learned that food solves all problems. Between Emily and I, Mommy doesn't have a prayer of ever finishing a meal again.
This week alone has featured a number of noteworthy events. To start with, Daddy got a new gig. After completing both interviews and getting some positive feedback, Kate asked, "if you get this job, can we dress Emily like a tiger for your games?" Abso-freakin-lutely! So, for the girls basketball team at Daniel Hand High School, meet your new mascot...
Unfortunately, not all the news was good around our camp this week. Both Kate and I lost friends this to cancer and the other to inoperable brain tumors. No one enjoys a funeral, but two in one week can weigh you down. Not that you need a reason to do this, but be sure to tell somebody they're important to you and give them a hug. We all need one. And if you're alone on a library computer or in some kind of internet cafe, well, just keep your damn hands to yourself. Weirdo.
The kid literally made some big strides this week. We finally touched base with the prosthetist and made the necessary adjustments to her shoe lift. Following Dr. Paley's orders, we bumped her up from a 3 cm lift to a 7 cm lift. I don't know another way to say it...this thing is huge. Like, skyscraper big. But, godbless her, Emily gets better on it everyday. Kate and I have made a conscious effort to give her some daily shoe time. And Ems wants to walk SO badly. She'll reach up to you with both arms and say "go, go, go!" If you're nearby, you better take her hands and go, go, go. She gets so excited to walk, she can barely contain herself. With or without her shoe, there's very little holding her back. I've said it before, I'll say it again. Tougher. Than. You.
It's autumn in New England. I promise to come with good pictures of Emily and leaves and stuff.


Anonymous said...

Like her release with that basketball. But, even more. like the thought that we will be spending a lot of time following this kid around as we are in the last picture.
Go Go Go, Emily!!!



Kathleen said...

Oh, Ems! Love seeing you move in these pictures and we are so excited about seeing you in person in December. Counting down the days until Caroline and Allison are reunited with their wonderful cuz! GO GO GO, GIRL! Thank you for showing us EXACTLY what determination is! You are teaching us all so much - and you don't even realize it! XOXO

AS said...

Ems: Thanks for the chat on Sunday and glad you are happy about Dad's new coaching job. You look pretty good to me as you raced around the room and under the table with Sam and Jane in hot pursuit! Was wondering if you plan to practice with the team? Don't show off, Ems!