Tuesday, August 17, 2010

An almost normal day?

We're getting closer to normal. Not close enough, but closer.
I got up this morning and went for a run (painful, to say the least.) By the time I got back to the room, both the ladies were awake and ready to rumble. Today's adventure? The mall! We strapped Ems into the stroller and got to it. I think we were in the Gap for about seven minutes before Emily started flipping out. We learned. No stopping. Shop on the fly. Missed that outfit the first time? Too bad, sucker! Keep it moving!
The fun part was Kate projecting her desire to get a little lunch at the mall on Emily as we walked by a Ruby Tuesday.
"Emily said 'eat'!"
And she did. However, I put the timing of the statement and the location of the restaurant as pure coincidence. Nevertheless, lunch out was a welcome break. Emily even forked some salad to her own mouth. Clearly, a little independence made her feel better. She probably had more to eat today than she's had in the last five days. I'm no expert, but believe that's a step in the right direction.
An afternoon nap for the child allowed Kate some much-needed time at the beach. I'd like to believe it allowed her to re-charge the batteries, but I think it might have made her more anxious to speed through the next five and a half weeks. Right now, she's dozing off next to Emily on the pull-out couch...and Ems is kicking her saying, "Mommy! Wake up!" You can almost see Kate's tolerance-o-meter move into the red zone. I'm thinking one more viewing of The Incredibles might end with her sending furniture through the window like a drunk rock star.
Nevertheless, we push forward. I can't BELIEVE tomorrow is only Wednesday.


AS said...

And rush to have these most fun times ever in your life hurry by??? No way! Both grandmothers will be on hand for sure when girls arrive home. I hope they clean up their dance outfits and see that their tap shoes are well heeled because they're gonna have to dance their way through the upcoming entertainment sessions. So, dial it down. Tell Kate to have another Mike's Lemondade and chill a little. She can just drink a bit and cry...that'll fix her right up!!

Phil D said...

I'm keeping Stella (and many others, we just wrapped up a Demand family reunion in TX) up-to-date, and we are thrilled and relieved at all this news. This blog is an awesome resource, and you're doing a fantastic job. Just try to shamone a little.