Saturday, August 14, 2010

I think it's Saturday...

During the summer of 2001, I was lifeguarding at a local country club. I was 26 years old, in grad school and about to become a teacher. In other words, experienced enough to know what I was doing but old enough to know better. Hang out by the pool all day, out just about every night. It was one of the most fun summers I've ever had.
One night, we wandered into our local hangout and noticed the lack of customers. I turned to the bouncer and said, "kinda dead in here for a Friday."
The bouncer looked at me sideways.
"'s Tuesday."
Take away the good times and sweet tan and that's pretty much how I'm feeling right now. Rarely without a coffee in hand, sore from sleeping on that damn recliner and just looking for excuses to get up and wander the hospital.
Kate, on the other hand, continues to play Atlas. She is unflappable. Helping every nurse without overstepping, never more than an arm's length from Emily...I am amazed by her more and more. I keep trying to push her out of the room...but she just...stays.
While she's keeping everyone on the same page, I worry about when she's finally going to let go. I have a feeling it will all come out at the most bizarre time. Three weeks from now, I'll put a spatula in the wrong drawer and she'll choke me into submission. And really...what jury would convict her?
Ems is slowly coming around. The fever finally got below 101 today. Kim, the AP on call this weekend, came through to check on the incision (looking good) and to take out the catheter and epidural. Everything appears to be ok which is obviously good. Now, if we can just get her to start eating. Looks like Emily will be dropping some of that baby fat she's been talking about. A little late for beach season, sweetness!
But she is being such a trooper. She flips out anytime a nurse enters the room, knowing they're going to be poking or prodding or basically making her a little more uncomfortable, even for just a few seconds. Thank god she doesn't have daddy's vocabulary. It would get SO inappropriate in that room...
Hopefully getting out of here tomorrow. Will continue to keep you posted with anything new.


AS said...

Wonderful posts...yesterday's and today's. I know your birthday was not properly celebrated. Suck it up, fluffy! Mother and child seem to be perfect. Cannot wait to hear when the spatula incident actually takes place. A kevlar vest might be a good gift for you. Take care of your girls. Ems' progress seems right on target. Love you.

S/N said...

Thanks so much for writing--you have a gift. We're delighted that Emily is making good progress. Belated birthday hug to you, Tim; a regular hug to Kate and Em.

Hang in there; we keep the prayers flowing. Love you, Nancy and Stan